Retaining wall waterfall with fire and patio set at night. Formal Falls.


Formal Falls are beautiful waterfalls that are installed into a variety of wall types. An LED light is available to create a spectacular evening display. The light rotates through a variety of colors...or set it to your favorite color.

Is a Retaining Wall Waterfall Right for Your Space?


The compact size of a Formal Falls means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in your yard. Four different standard waterfall widths are available or a custom unit can be created for your specific project.

Stainless Steel Spouts

Unlike a garden hose or protruding plumbing, the Formal Spouts deliver subtle flow with a gentle sound that is ideal for block columns, special focal points and Indoor\Outdoor applications.

PondBuilder Formal Falls Stainless Steel Spout Round Small

The installation cost of a Formal Falls is varied and depends on the type of wall material being used as well as the width of the falls you wish to create. Please consult your Authorized PondBuilder Installer for information.


Taking care of your Formal Falls is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for evaporated water is all that’s required. Or you can install an automatic fill valve and eliminate virtually all maintenance!

Retaining Wall Waterfall Gallery

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

PondBuilder Medium Formal Falls
PondBuilder Mini Formal Falls

Made in the USA, Formal Falls are a beautiful yet simple way to add the aesthetics of water to your surroundings is to build a retaining wall waterfall.   The water flows out from the stone in a nice, smooth sheet and into a basin below.  These wall waterfalls can be easily added to any block wall structure and are a great alternative to fountains.  They can be used to adorn a garden, pool, outdoor living area, or even a home or business foyer!


The Formal Falls has a low-energy, color-changing, remote controlled, LED lighting system that creates a beautiful nighttime display. The basin was designed to create an easy way to install the system within a block wall structure, and the use of the autofill kit virtually eliminates all maintenance for the consumer.

Custom Sizes Available:

Widen, Shorten or Elongate our Stainless Steel Formal Falls to match your design and any limitations. The possibilities are endless!

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How it Works...

A Retaining Wall Waterfall works much like a pond-less waterfall.

The Formal Falls molded Basin is placed on a suitable base with the pump protected inside the basin. Wall block or other suitable material is stacked all around the molded basin. The Formal Falls spillway rests inside the wall block and is covered. The pump inside the basin pumps the water via tubing to the Formal Falls where the water returns via a waterfall into the basin. An LED light strip, located inside the Formal Falls unit, illuminates the waterfall for a spectacular night display.

How it Works: Retaining Wall Waterfall Illustration

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