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Aqua Bella Vase Fountain
Vase Fountains

The vases featured in our collection are naturally rustic, as they are intentionally glazed unevenly, and

contain variations in both color and texture. No two pieces are alike, but all share an inherent beauty.

Copper Tree Fountains

Our artistic Copper Fountain Trees are made entirely of copper, and each delicate leaf has been handcrafted. Over time, the trees will develop a beautiful patina. Every single leaf was cut and attached by hand.

Unique Fountains

We have many unique options in stock like millstones, granite spheres, bowls, even fountains featuring fire! Perhaps you have an antique bath tub or water wheel you’d like to turn into a fountain, we can help!

Ceramic Vase Fountain on patio Column Fountains
Basalt Columns

Basalt fountains elicit a response similar to viewing ocean waves or sitting beside a

mountain stream. The movement of water over natural stone brings the basalt alive,

creating a soothing, contemplative atmosphere.

Bubbling Rocks

Solid and natural, Aqua Bella Fountain Rocks are selected based on shape, distinctive color pattern and size. This design allows water to puddle at the top of each fountain, creating a natural flow, and attracting a variety of wildlife.

Column Fountains

Column Fountains are extremely unique by design and deliver more than just bubbling water as they are designed for water to fall with expression and help disguise the sounds of your busy neighborhood.

Column Fountains
Garden Fountains

Our different styles of garden fountain include European, Asian, Modern, Italian, French and Spanish. Cast Stone Garden Fountains add beauty and tranquility to your home and garden setting.

Water Table

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AquaBox Basins

Support elaborate and heavy fountains to your most simple and light-weight, using the patented AquaBox, designed for a professional install.

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Healing and Holistic Fountains - Healing Body, Mind and Spirit

What Makes a Fountain Healing and Holistic?

It is no coincidence that we are intrinsically drawn to the sound of running water; it appeals to us on an intuitive level because we ourselves, as well as our world, are mostly water. Running water has the potential to relax and re-energize us, it can heal and soothe.

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The AquaBox is covered under a warranty against material and workmanship defects for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. Aqua Bella provides a replacement warranty including shipping and handling. Warranty is a limited warranty and will be void if the damage is the result of improper installation, exceeding the maximum load capacity, or improper alterations and use.

All fountain features including, but not limited to, ceramic vases, copper trees, and boulders are not covered under this warranty. All pumps, lights, transformers, and other accessories are covered by their specified manufacturer warranty.


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